Your Care Team

The practitioners at ASCENT are experts in their fields.  All of our providers take a whole systems, “you” centered approach to your care.

All of our Acupuncturists are certified by the Minnesota Board of Medicine and hold national certifications through the NCCAOM.

Angie Clifford, Lic.Ac, MsOM

Growing up a dancer, Angie keenly understands the importance of a body in balance.  After securing her Yoga and Pilates instructor certification, Angie went on to earn her post rehab spine training certification in Pilates. Following her evolving passion for integrative health care, Angie earned her Master of Oriental Medicine from Northwestern Health Sciences University and secured an advanced study internship at The First Teaching Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Tianjin, China in 2012. Angie also applied her command of integrative therapies at the University of Minnesota Fairview Hospital in the post surgical and Cancer units. Angie has been a core member of the Ascent team evolving as a leader in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and sports injuries.

“I cannot say enough good things about my acupuncturist Angie Clifford. As someone with a lifelong fear of needles, and no significant prior experience with eastern medicine, my first visit was a real leap of faith. I am so glad I made that leap! Angie has helped me with issues including gout, migraines, sinus congestion, neck and shoulder pain, and general wellness/well-being. She is a caring practitioner, with a calming manner. I have found all of my sessions with Angie to be informative, relaxing, meaningful, and effective. I recommend her without hesitation.”B.B.
“I was suffering from terrible foot pain, I could barely walk on it. Angie assessed not only my foot but my low back and tight hamstrings. (I had back surgery a year earlier and was very nervous and protective of this area).Her expertise and gentle approach put me at ease. After one treatment my foot pain had resolved by 90%!! I can’t begin to tell you my surprise, joy and gratitude!”K.O.
“I have suffered with chronic low back and shoulder pain for years. I work long days on my feet and thought I would just have to live with this pain. When my doctor suggested I try Acupuncture, I was skeptical and a little fearful. Angie’s gentle and professional approach alleviated my concerns and alleviated my pain! In addition to the pain relief, I was surprised to find that I got the added benefit of better sleep and much better mood. I highly recommend both Acupuncture and Angie!”D.O.

Elizabeth Williams, Lic.Ac, MsOM

ElizabethElizabeth has been practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine since 2010. A supervisor and teacher at Northwestern Health Sciences University and Courage Kenney Transitional Rehabilitation Program, Elizabeth treats a wide range of disorders. She has developed her expertise in treating stress and emotional disorders, including depression, anxiety, migraines, insomnia and digestive complaints.  Elizabeth believes that a collaborative approach and empowerment through education are essential foundations of any healing process.

“The health benefits and results that I’ve experienced have been dramatic and fast, helping me regain my edge after suffering from respiratory and congestion problems. Since that time I’ve received acupuncture, herbal therapy, cupping and Tui Na massage. These treatments may seem unusual compared to Western Medicine, but once you experience how effective it can be, I’m sure you’ll soon discover how incredible it really is. I really can’t say enough for all Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine have done for me.”D.F. - “Thank you, Elizabeth!”
“I have been seeing Elizabeth and what a difference it has made! My migraines are much less frequent and now managed. The acupuncture has helped with my stress levels as well. I cannot thank her enough for her wonderful care!”L.B.
“After getting acupuncture I was able to see considerable results in many areas such as digestion, focus/attention, circulation, PMS, and muscle pain. I was able to come in and talk about what was going on in my life (ranging from work to exercise to relationships) that might be contributing to the pain, and Elizabeth was able to interpret how they were connected physiologically. I wish everyone knew about this wonderful practice.”K.N.
“My main areas of concern were digestion and colon related issues. Elizabeth determined that much of my issues were related to stuck Qi energy related to emotions and diet. She was able to focus her treatment to bring about a wonderful change in not only my areas of concern, but other related bonuses like more energy, higher sex drive and a much calmer perspective on life. I’ve been able to listen more fully to what my body is telling me and feeling very healthy because of that. I really can’t say enough great things about her and would recommend her to anyone!”D.R.
“I have been seeing Elizabeth for migraines. I was a bit skeptical about acupuncture but my neurologist recommended it. Elizabeth consistently demonstrates professionalism, compassion and empathy that instantly put me at ease.”M.P.

Jessica Maynard, Lic.Ac, MsOM

Jessica believes deeply in the body’s innate ability to rebalance and heal from within–with guidance, attention, and intention. She is continually amazed to witness in her patients, as well as in her own healing path, the capacity of Chinese/East Asian medicine to assist in the re-connection of one’s self to a deep and integral sense of well-being.

Jessica focuses on women’s hormonal health and menopausal symptoms, sciatic-type lower back pain, anxiety, depression, TMD, and digestive complaints. However, anything that may arise as a health or wellbeing concern is relevant to her care.

Jessica graduated from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in 2011. She followed up her formal education with volunteer experience treating patients in a suburb of Kathmandu, Nepal where she gained valuable experience in village healthcare. In 2013, Jessica completed a certificate program in Koshi Balancing, focusing on structural pelvic balance using gentle Japanese-style techniques, teishin work, shiatsu and sotai.

“Jessica changed my life! She made me a convert to acupuncture by diminishing my back pain to almost zero, and heightened my awareness of the connection between my body and internal life. Her advice on herbs and diet helped every time I had an issue. I highly recommend people take advantage of her services.”B.D.
“Jessica has an intuitive and mindful approach to acupuncture treatment that makes you feel truly heard. She will create a session that incorporates her special training: some of my favorite things she does is her use of shiatsu massage and application of essential oils to acupuncture points (you will leave not only relaxed but smelling amazing!) She also is trained in using a tool called a teishin that traces the energy meridians in your body and feels incredibly soothing. This creates an experience that feels deeply personalized and much more than a typical acupuncture treatment. Jessica has a very gentle needling style and is just as skilled as working on musculoskeletal injury as she is at treating internal and mental health, something I really appreciated after being injured earlier this year. I cannot recommend her enough!”L.P.
“Jessica has made such a difference in my life—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. After years of multiple doctors, various pharmaceuticals, books, nutritional plans, alternative healers, etc, Jessica is the only one who relieved my suffering and pain. I cannot recommend her enough.”B.H.

Carrie Boe, Health & Diabetes Coach, CHC, INHC, HHP, PN1

Diabetic herself for nearly 25 years, Carrie Boe knows first-hand the unique struggles someone with diabetes encounters daily.

After experiencing her own amazing journey by achieving a significant weight loss and creating a fit, healthy and strong life, Carrie continues to remain complication-free, tightly manages her blood sugars, maintains a low A1c and even eliminated her need for daily insulin injections. Her coaching practice is now dedicated to helping others achieve similar success. Although she possesses diabetes expertise, her services benefit clients of all types and ages by supporting a wide variety of health and wellness needs ranging from weight management to improving overall life balance to practicing better self-care. Finally, she also practices Reiki, and is thrilled to offer this powerful healing energy work to our patients. It complements her coaching nicely yet stand-alone sessions are available as well.

Carrie Boe received her Certified Health Coach (CHC) and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC) trainings from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City and earned her Board Certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She also holds a Level 1 Sports and Nutrition Certification from Precision Nutrition (PN1). She is a member of the American Association for Diabetes Educators (earning their AADE ParaProfessional Certificate), the American Diabetes Association (Professional) as well as Diabetes Influencers. She has completed both her Reiki I and Reiki II degrees.

Our Coach Carrie has been chosen as one of Diabetic Living magazine’s Diabetes Champions for 2019 (fall issue on newsstands now).

“Carrie is helping me define what my goals are, what the benefits are, and the steps needed to reach them. We began discussing the WHY and not just the HOW. What a difference this made. No more ‘diets’ for me. I want to change, to be a healthier, stronger, fitter and happier me. With Carrie’s guidance, I am on that path. I’ve learned the importance of looking at the ‘whole picture’…all the different aspects of my life. Carrie is super supportive, always positive, and finds what will work for me. She is also persistent, keeping me on track. I have learned a lot from her and look forward to continuing this journey with her help.”Kathleen B.
“I had no clue where to begin. It all seemed just too overwhelming. That’s where Carrie really helped. Small steps, positive incentives, changing habits. Working with Carrie has really changed the way I think about how I deal with my issues surrounding health; be it emotional eating, implementing an exercise program, or understanding my motivations towards food. Carrie’s insights, understanding, gentle persuasion, and pain-free accountability have all been a joy to work with and given me a different way to think about all the changes I want to make. I can’t begin to tell you how thankful I am that Carrie and her services came into my life. It truly is one of the most positive experiences I’ve ever had.”Christine S. (85 lbs. lost)
“I was pulling into the driveway this morning…coming home from a meeting. And whom should I spot but Mary Katherine herself…just back from a walk. A walk! Without anyone telling her. If you are having a bad day sometime, come back to this and know that you have made a difference in someone’s life — the way she views her health and her body — for the REST of her life. Wow!”Julie K. plus: “Carrie Boe is a rock star! I'm buying Brussels sprouts EVERY WEEK now!” ~Dick F. (Mom & Dad to client Mary Katherine; teen and previously a non-walking, anti-veggie gal)

Rebecca Hopper, Intuitive & Psychic Medium

Rebecca is a Minneapolis psychic medium. She has developed her abilities over the course of 25 years working within the psychic field. She provides psychic readings that are grounded in authenticity and integrity. Rebecca offers client specific information, spoken with compassion and objectivity. She is clear that she does not have your answer. What she does is provide information involving the energetic aspects that allow you to feel your truth.

Psychic readings can open up new information that can offer you more support on your life path. These intuitive psychic sessions may also bring more clarity, self-insight, and perspective that can connect you with your voice and your inner sense of direction.

For more information and to schedule a session with Rebecca, please visit

“Rebecca’s readings are honest, descriptive, and incredibly enlightening. She’s able to tap into your core fundamental traits and values as a way of shedding light on how to move forward and find acceptance within your current situations. Rebecca is kind, caring, and truly a healing presence. Whether you’re confused or certain, Rebecca offers a new perspective that forces you to pause and reevaluate where you are and how you’re approaching life. She is truly a one-of-a-kind gem.”E.R.
“Rebecca is an extremely gifted intuitive. I feel extremely blessed to have been able to work with her on several occasions when I was seeking guidance. She teaches you how to access your truth in a very effective way. She provides a sense of calm and teaches you how to ground yourself and listen. If you are seeking help in any area of your life, look no further than Rebecca.”M.R.
“Rebecca is a highly skilled and trusted guide and teacher. Because of her ability to so clearly read what my soul is saying (whether on the phone or in person), she is one of the first people I turn to when I need clarification about my direction and higher purpose or when making an important life decision. Her humor, honesty, and integrity only add to her intuitive talents. I can’t recommend Rebecca highly enough.”E.W.

Dr. Jill Larsen, Lic.Ac, MsOM, DAOM

 A seasoned practitioner of patient-centered acupuncture, Jill was the original founder and former lead clinician of Ascent Acupuncture. We are deeply saddened by her passing and share her memorial information: Please also visit her CaringBridge site: